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A list of what and when something has been added or removed, and acknowledgements to contributors.

27th June 2002. The site has grown quite large now, most areas have been fully developed and a reasonably comprehensive range of links and reviews has been created and maintained, but as the site grows the maintenance of a flat page site is getting to be a bit too much.

I have for some time been designing and building a new Flash version of the site, same content, but slighly more dynamic navigation. Tests have proven the download time to be less than the HTML version, but the maintenance of a second flat site with identical content is just too great. Therefor i've now decided to re-create the site in a new ASP database driven format, which could serve both the current site and the new Flash version. This would also allow me to lay the foundations for developing some User Maintained content features in the future. It does however mean transferring all the current content to a series of databases, re-writing the existing pages to pull that information from the databases and not least migrating to a new server which can support these new requirements.

As ever I shall still attempt to keep up to date with the maintenance and update of the current site, so please feel free to continue sending in suggested links and reviews.

3rd April 2002. Just started to implement a new way of handling the pages with large blocks of text, combining a nested scroll and jump facility which keeps the navigation bar permanently on display, and hence removing the need to scroll to the top or the bottom of the screen.

20th January 2002. Been a fraction on the busy side for the past couple of months, so adding more books to the books page is still an ongoing project. A few changes here and there to the societies, links and webrings pages. No big changes planned for the moment, though I am currently contemplating a change to the articles page so that it includes either copies of or links to articles on other sites.

7th December 2001. Updated and checked the vast majority of the links now. Decided to enlarge the scope of the various resource links and book links to include more medieval, renaissance and history/archaeology links, most of which have been sourced from the resource book for the 3 annual Western Martial Arts Workshop, which was held in New York in September. Will be focusing on the books for the next few weeks, and then adding new sections to the Societies and Arms pages over the next couple of months. Also thinking of researching and writing a small article on Sir Alfred Hutton for the articles page.

30th October 2001. Just been going back over the various links during the past month, updating the various site descriptions where necessary, and performing a bit of an update search for appropriate new sites. No great losses discovered so far. A few more links added here and there. I'm also working on an article outlining Italian Rapier terminology, which i intend to post in the next couple of weeks. No great changes planned for the forthecoming months, just more link checking and searching for new sites.

21st September 2001.Added the first couple of articles to the Articles and Overview page, both aimed at beginners or those just developing an interest. Writing them has provided me with several unexpected dilema's. Mostly relating to the simplification of a complex and irregular subject. I've also decided to include a posting from the Sword Forum site, as in itself it is very informative, but with the addition of a little dynamic text i think i can incorporate some of the replies, to enhance it even further.

Still getting quite a large number of hits, but thinking of installing a few more counters and possibly researching cookies to help me keep track of the most viewed pages, and to find out how many people are bypassing the front screen by bookmarking another section.

30th August 2001.Updated the button graphics in order to trim a little off the file size. Added a hyperlink bar at the bottom of each screen to make navigation a bit easier on the bigger pages. Removed the javascript and placed it in an imported file, still toying with the idea of having it included in the code on one of the pages so that visitors can view the source. Also removed some of the font definition from the html and placed it in the style sheet.

I've also added an Articles & Overview page and replaced the Contact Me button with an Articles button so the new page could be linked from the main menu bar. I intend to use the Articles and Overview page to display useful and informative articles and brief overviews to visitors of all levels of experience, from those who've just heard that there's a classical fencing/historic swordmanship movement in the UK and would like to know more, right the way through to the very experienced swordsman with specific interests.

On the whole a bit of general overhaul to make the site a bit more manageable now that it's grown a bit.

10th August 2001.Exchanged a few links with various web rings and societies. The Duellist registration with Yahoo and Google has gone through, with quite high rankings on both for classical fencing. Will be adding a secure section to the site at some point over the next few weeks. Also planning to add a hyperlink navigation bar at the bottom of each page as several are now of sufficient length to make it useful.

Also considering moving the javascript from each page to one imported page, possibly leaving just one page to make viewing the source easier.

Have been doing a bit of work on creating supplementary link to activate all the collapsed text for browsers that don't support the functionality.

26th July 2001.Have split the treatise page and created an entirely new page linked from the main menu for non fiction books. Have added more books and more links to suppliers. Have also added supplier links in the Fiction section to several of the books, plays and films listed there. Decided to include thumbnails of the various books and plays to brighten the screen up a bit and to help separate the entries in a more natural way. Will be monitoring the download time to ensure it's not too adversely affected.

Still not getting listed on the main search engines, have done a little work to try and remedy this and to improve the listing on the engines that have processed the applications.

Also considering doing some work on the Events page, to include cinema releases and appropriate plays showing around the country.

11th July 2001. Done a bit of work on the treatise page. Adding links to useful books on the subject and art of fencing. Also added search boxes for Amazon.co.uk and Alibris.com to provide links to new and used book sellers. A few reviewed books added, with links to appropriate retailers. Will be splitting the treatise page as soon as the content gets sufficiently great. Also intend to develop the fiction pages in much the same way.

29th June 2001. Several more links added including some interesting new suppliers. Have started to do some more work on enhancing the search engine listings. Also intend to add several suppliers of sport fencing equipment and then separate the sport fencing suppliers from the classical/historic fencing suppliers.
Will be commencing work on the Fiction page and the Events page soon and adding several more on-line publications to the publications section of the Links page.

13th June 2001. A few more links added, several old links updated. Have started to use a linked date next to expandable topics, societies, armourers etc, this is to give an indication of when the link was last tested and when the discription of the topic was last viewed and re-written. It's as much for my own use as that of visitors. Have also re-organised the Arms and Armour page a little to make it easier to navigate.

31st May 2001. Doing a little bit of work on the Links page at the moment to categorise the various types of links and put them into a more manageable format. Thinking of doing much the same for the weapon supplier pages to distinguish between the sport fencing suppliers and those carrying a more classical/historic range of equipment.

24th May 2001. Finally managed to work out some code that will work on Netscape 6 and other DOM browsers, labourious and rather dull but most of the site is converted now, so all the expanding and collapsing text should look pretty much the same on all modern browsers. A few more links added here and there, with several more to come.

17th May 2001. The site, or rather the entire host has been down for a few days due to a denial of service attack.
Many new links have been added to the manufacturers list, links list and armourers list, the last of which being mostly copied from Dirk Groeneveld's home page.
Have also been registering with a few more search engines, will probably have most of them covered in the next couple of weeks, but if you recommend a particular engine and this site isn't listed on it then please let me know.

8th May 2001. The network upgrade should be finished by now, so this site will be responding at it's usual speed. Have removed the rollover buttons from the first screen to reduce download time, will see what the new download time is like before deciding whether or not to remove the rollovers from the rest of the navigation.
Have also entered a few events taking place at the Royal Armouries over the Summer courtesy of Stuart Ivanson.
And currently trying to fix the expanding/collapsing text so that it will expand and collapse when the site is viewed via Netscape Navigator.

25th April 2001. These pages may not be responding too quickly over the next 10 days due to a network upgrade being performed by the host. On the plus side response should be a little quicker once the upgrade is complete.

24th April 2001. Had a couple of problems as a result of a hosting failure, things should be back to normal now. Also included a slightly more detailed account of Customs & Excise duty on the Arms & page. Couple of new sporting weapons links. Considering removing the roll over buttons from the navigation bar, as they don't seem to be responding that quickly anyway.

19th April 2001. All of the pictures have been added in their final form now, would like to add a bit more animation, but i'm a bit too concerned about the download speed for the moment. Added a few more fiction links and Links links. Will be concentrating upon fleshing out the content for the forseable and will post an outline of new additions made on this page as I make them.

17th April 2001. Currently in the process of putting stuff onto the server, most of the pages are here now, the graphics will hopefully follow in a day or so.