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Societies of the sword

The intention of this page is to offer a reasonably up to date list of UK societies interested in the study of swordsmanship. Alongside each name is a hyperlinked date, which is the date on which the link was last checked. Click on the date to show a brief description of the society its interests and contact details.

If you know of a society that might like to be listed, then please send me the details.

See also the New Societies page, for a list of individuals and small groups who are attempting to find or form a new society.

Swordsmanship: Aberdeen :01/12/2003

Youngblood: Aintree, London :02/07/2003

The Boar's Tooth: Folkestone, Kent :04/03/2002

Schola Gladiatoria: Ealing, West London :10/06/2003

The Free Fighters Guild: Northampton/Leicestershire :26/10/2001

Taranis Fighting Arts: Leicester/Nottingham :20/03/2002

The Exiles: UK :26/10/2001

The European Historical Combat Guild: Leeds & London :01/12/2003

The Dawn Duellists: Edinburgh :01/12/2003

The Sussex Rapier Society: Brighton :13/06/2001

The Linacre School of Defence: Oxford :29/06/2001

The Company of Maisters of the Science of Defence: London :29/06/2001

The Society for the Study of Swordsmanship: Whitby :29/06/2001

The Period Fencers Guild: Birmingham :29/06/2001

The Albion Academy of Arms: Lancashire :29/06/2001

National Association of Re-enactment Societies (NAReS) UK :29/06/2001

The School of the Sword: UK :31/01/2002

The School of Defence: UK :29/06/2001

The Duelling Association: Leicester :29/06/2001

The Highland Freebooters: Plockton :29/06/2001

Ipswich Fencing Club: Suffolk :29/06/2001

The Yorkshire Swordplay Society: Sheffield :More