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Web Rings are a fabulous source for all kinds of information, these are all orientated around various aspects of arms, armour and classical/historical swordfighting and martial arts.

The Blade Society

The Blade Society
Where friendly people like to stick sharp pointy pieces of metal into one another and then brag about it over food and drink!


The Arms &Armour site ring
Many sites, all relating to arms and armour, includes firearms sites and non functional/decorative sites too, but definitely worth a look.

Not sure whether this site is still maintained as many of the graphics seems to be missing, but the info is still readily available for the moment.

Arms & Armour site ring



The Ring of Steel

A US based non-profit organisation dedicated to developing and promoting the art of stage violence. Comprehensive list of web links, divided into useful sections such as: Stage Combat, Renaissance faires, Armouries and suppliers, TV and Cinema, Fencing etc.

The Ring of Steel

Swords Ring
This Swords Ring site
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The Armourers Ring
75 sites at time of writing, consisting of amourers that specialise in all varieties of arms and armour, from sharp tempered weapons, through re-enactment/training weapons, to items of period style jewellery. Uncategorised and in no particular order.

Armourers Web Ring


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