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What is the Duellist

The intended purpose of The Duellist is to provide a useful UK resource for all those interested in European swordsmanship.

Quite simply this means, providing information about UK societies interested in swordsmanship, retailers and manufacturers of swords; armour and period accessories, events, contests, study aids, history, texts, treatise's, articles and entertainment.

In practice this has involved a gradual development of the site, a development which is still going to be taking place months from now. There are some sections of this site which still only have rudimentary information and links, but these areas are hopefully the less critical ones. Hopefully there is enough information in the developed areas to make this site worthy of a bookmark and an occasional visit.

As updates are made I'll enter a brief outline of what's changed on the Update page. Along with credits where appropriate. I have also adopted the convention of putting the date on which information was last updated as a link alongside all the link titles.

On a technical note, whilst I make every effort to make this site as accessible as possible, the sheer volume of information means that some dynamic presentation has been necessary, as such this site is best viewed in either 800x600 or 1024x768, using either a Netscape 6 or an IE5.5 browser. Earlier browsers may still display the information as intended, but I only test the pages on these browsers.


For more information about The Duellist, or to make comments and suggestions please use this spd@theduellist.co.uk email