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Books on Historical Duels

A little grisly perhaps, but this section is dedicated to books written on the subject of duelling, historical accounts, winners, losers, the etiquette and the arms.

New Books

By the Sword - Richard A. Cohen :15/11/2002

The Complete Bibliography of Fencing and Duelling - Carl A. Thimm :10/08/2001

The Captains Concubine - Donald Weinstein :03/12/2001

The Duel - Francois Billacois :03/12/2001

Duelling - Kevin McAleer :04/12/2001

Duelling in the Old South - Jack Kenny Williams :04/12/2001

Men of Honour - Ute Frevert :04/12/2001

Murder Amongst Gentlemen - Hugh Halliday :04/12/2001

Ritualized Violence Russian Style - Irina Reyfman :04/12/2001

That Damn'd Thing Called Honour - James Kelly :04/12/2001

Savannah Duels and Duellists - Thomas Gamble :04/12/2001

Used Books

Older books on fencing and duelling can be of particular use in classical and historic fencing, especially if written before the advent of electronic scoring equipment. Alibris and Bookfinder are large American sites. Scimitars is a UK bookshop specialising in books to do with swords and swordplay. All three sites have a fab selection.

The Duel - Robert Baldick :11/07/2001


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Alibris by title by author

Search BookFinder.com Scimitars is run by Simon Trinder a fencing and swordplay enthusiast and Leon Pual distributor for the North East. based in Stockton-on-Tees.


For more book reviews see J.Christoph Amberger's site, Swordhistory. The site itself is designed to provide information about his book listed above, but it also contains a number of interesting articles on the various aspects of swordplay ane EMA. It also has some nice links and a set of book reviews.