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Books about Arms and Armour

The books in this section are more concerned with the arms themselves, their manufacture, form, style, history and archaology.

New Books

Records of the Medieval Sword - Ewart Oakshot :12/12/2003

The Sword in the Age of Chivalry - Ewart Oakshott :12/12/2003

The Archaeology of Weapons - Ewart Oakshott :12/12/2003

The Book of the Sword - Sir Richard Burton :12/12/2003

European Weapons and Armour - Ewart Oakshott :12/12/2003

German Swords & Sword Makers - Richard H. Bezdek :12/12/2003

American Swords & Sword Makers vol 2 - Richard H. Bezdek :12/12/2003

A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor of All Centuries and in All Times Tegether with some Closely Related Subjects - George Cameron Stone :12/12/2003

Heroic Armour of the Italian Renaissance - Stuart W. Pyhrr :12/12/2003

Knight and His Horse 2nd ed - Ewart Oakshott :12/12/2003

Knight and His Castle 2nd ed - Ewart Oakshott :12/12/2003

Knight and His Weapons 2nd ed - Ewart Oakshott :12/12/2003

Knight in Battle 2nd ed - Ewart Oakshott :12/12/2003

Medieval Costume, Armour and Weapons - Eduard Wagner et al :12/12/2003

The Medieval Armour from Rhodes - Walter Karcheski et al :12/12/2003

The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England - Hilda Ellis Davidson :12/12/2003

Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction - Brian R. Price :12/12/2003

Swords and Hilt Weapons - Michael D. Coe et al :12/12/2003

Arms & Armour in the Art Institute of Chicago - Walter Karcheski et al. :12/12/2003

The Rapier & Smallsword - A.V.B. Norman :12/12/2003

The Gods of War - Donald J. Larocca :12/12/2003

An Historical Guide to Arms & Armour - Stephen Bull :12/12/2003


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Used Books

Older books on fencing and duelling can be of particular use in classical and historic fencing, especially if written before the advent of electronic scoring equipment. Alibris and Bookfinder are large American sites. Scimitars is a UK bookshop specialising in books to do with swords and swordplay. All three sites have a fab selection.

The Duel - Robert Baldick :11/07/2001

Alibris by title by author

Search BookFinder.com Scimitars is run by Simon Trinder a fencing and swordplay enthusiast and Leon Pual distributor for the North East. based in Stockton-on-Tees.


For more book reviews see J.Christoph Amberger's site, Swordhistory. The site itself is designed to provide information about his book listed above, but it also contains a number of interesting articles on the various aspects of swordplay ane EMA. It also has some nice links and a set of book reviews.