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An account of ordering goods from Lutel in the Czech republic.

I was recently sent this account by a UK resident who contacted me for help straightening out some of the complications involved in ordering from Lutel. Not that i claim any expertise or knowledge beyond the second hand info garnered from discussion forums and friends, but that's perhaps better than nothing.

For myself i found this account more useful than anything else, and whilst it portrays the complications involved in ordering from the Uk, i think it also says very good things for Lutel, their customer service and value.

20/10/1 - I asked my bank to transfer 8,200 CZK to the account details as sent by Lutel (they'd said that GBP or CZK was OK ). I asked for it to be paid in local currency (if I can't speak Czech or German, at least I can try to pay Czech). I asked for all charges to be paid by the remitter (to avoid having to deal with foreign banks direct). Lloyds TSB international Moneymover Payment was the term my bank used.

22/10/1 - my bank debited my account 156.34 plus 13 charges.

26/10/1 - my bank debited my account 6.73 agent's charge for foreign payment.

31/10/1 - Lutel e-mailed that they'd got my money in their account.

6/11/1 - my bank debited my account another 1.56 agents charge for foreign payment (?).

10/1/2 - Lutel waiting list on their website said my sword had been sent.

15/1/2 - Lutel e-mailed that the sword had been sent and would I let them know when it arrived.

22/1/2 - Sword arrived - 26.25 Customers VAT and 6.25 clearance fee paid on delivery. I told Lutel it had come.

Overall, just over three months from my initiating payment process to getting the goods. Longer than I'd originally thought, but not bad (included holiday season and quite a queue by the time I'd worked out how to pay and done so).

Overall 210.13p paid. Lutel seem good value. Banks seem less so.

Lutel did a very good job of interpreting my requests. Sword has a 12018 type hilt (downturned spatulate quillons, brazil nut pommel, single handed). All hilt parts tight, no rattle or wobble.

I requested sharpened edge (blunt ricasso), pointed tip, tapered blade. All were done exactly as requested.

Specs. are as follows:
Weight - 1.4 Kg
Overall length - 96 cms
Blade length - 80 cms
CoP - 27 cms from tip (by hand edge taps to find 'dead' spot, not sure if that is correct)
PoB - 13 cms from cross
Fuller - Single fuller 55cms length
Distal taper - Definite by eye, but don't have tools to measure accurately. Blade width - 4.9 cms at base, 3.8 cms at 40 cms, 3.5 cms at 55 cms, 2.8cms at 70 cms.

Even my wife thinks it looks and feels good (I'll have to get her one). I am very pleased with it, but I don't have much knowledge on which to base an opinion.


Unfortunately the person who bought this doesn't have access to a digital camera or scanner at the present, so no pics.

For anyone not familiar with Lutel here's the site

Peter H

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